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Canada Announces $100 Million in Funding
Canada announces $100 million in funding to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ...Full Story
Wednesday, December 9
The situation in Nepal is becoming clearer by the hour following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. ...Full Story
Monday, April 27
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The CCRDA equips Canadian Christian relief and development organizations for excellence. We provide a forum where the best ideas, practices, and application of biblical principles mix to promote high performance organizations seeking God’s purpose for the world’s poor.
Excellence Matters at the CCRDA

"CCRDA believes we are called to action by the Word of God.  It’s not a choice. 
CCRDA challenges the very characteristic of development and aid effectiveness
through a faith-driven, holistic understanding of the nature of poverty and social justice"

 Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC)