Canadian Christian Relief & Development Association
"We appreciate the opportunity
to fellowship with other Canadian Christian relief and development organizations. 
We know the CCRDA creates a place where Biblical truth can be discussed
and applied to the realities of the work we all engage in."


Samaritan's Purse


Across Canada, the Canadian Christian Relief & Development Association combines over 50 Christian relief & development agencies, working in over 100 countries, investing in excess of $750 million dollars, seeking flourishing lives and communities internationally.
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Excellence Matters at the CCRDA
The CCRDA (Canadian Christian Relief and Development Association) is a group of Christian agencies who are dedicated to excellence in the practice of their charitable work.

What does Excellence look like?
CCRDA's unique contribution to Christian relief and development NGOs is to provide a forum where the best ideas, practices, and application of Christian principles mix to promote the achievement of high performance organizations seeking God's purpose for the world's poor.

The vision of CCRDA is to build the capacity of Christian relief and development agencies and ensure high organizational performance and maximum aid effectiveness.