Canadian Christian Relief & Development Association


CCRDA'S Best Practices Online Forum is a Google Site available to members here.

The purpose of the Best Practices Forum is to provide a venue for knowledge-sharing between members of the Canadian Christian Relief and Development Association. Through this library of knowledge and experience, CCRDA members are able to quickly and effectively access the information they need to plan and implement their on-the-ground programs with increasing effectiveness. The forum is constantly adding resources, including: contemporary development theory articles and debates, data and statistical reports, program case studies,  and practical manuals.
CCRDA members are free to browse the resource materials, including background information and practical tools, and to post their own to help partner organizations. Each development topic page also offers a Web Links page for sharing significant websites.
The Forum also offers a space for making announcements to let the rest of CCRDA know about upcoming events, conferences and training opportunities.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.