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CCRDA Special Webinar: Growing Organizational Influence-->The Benefits and Pitfalls of Institutional Restricted Grant Funding with Phil Tanner

Date:February 11, 2020

Growing Organizational Influence:  The Benefits and Pitfalls of Institutional Restricted Grant Funding
February 11, 2020 at 12:00pm EST/9:00am PDT
Phil Tanner, EPIC Consultancy

Dr. Tanner has worked in organizational grant ‘sweat-shops’, has assisted the Government of Canada in grant reviews and development of guidelines, and has successfully supported organizations to grow their restricted revenue significantly.  He has seen the benefits that have expanded an agency’s influence in the sector but has also seen the pitfalls due to lack of controls, systems and policies that can trip up an organization.

In his webinar, he is going to discuss the grant process end-to-end, highlighting the needs and pre-requisites for organizations thinking about diversifying revenue and growing their portfolio.  While on the board of CCRDA, Dr. Tanner stated that “Christian Agencies are growing increasingly professional and are in a position to be exceptionally competitive in the sector.”  With the right culture, staff, capacity, controls and procedures, restricted grant funding can be a formative method for increasing influence and gaining a seat at the policy table.

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