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Your Cross-Cultural Workers' Backpacks

April 15, 2020 at 1:00pm EST/10:00am PDT
Hazel Mayhew, Counselor at Beracah Counseling

The effectiveness of your cross cultural worker’s ministry is dependent, in part, on what they take with them emotionally, spiritually and physically. As mission agencies we have a role in preparing them for effective ministry and healthy witness, both overseas and when they return to Canada.  

Join me as we examine some of the beliefs, thoughts, expectations and behaviours that people are carrying with them and the impact these things have.

We’ll look at how an unfounded sense of responsibility, unhealthy ways of dealing with stress, adopting other peoples’ expectations, and lack of preparedness for returning to Canada, among other things, can be detrimental to your cross-cultural worker’s ministry and well-being. We’ll also explore some of the resources, ways of thinking and actions that will help them be resilient.

This webinar will help you in your selection process, as well as in your pre-field preparation and as you debrief people on return.

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