Canadian Christian Relief & Development Association

CCRDA Forum 2022:


Keynote Speaker: Ken Shigematsu (Tenth Church)

When: May 11-13, 2022

Where: Mississauga, ON (Queen of the Apostles Renewal Centre)

How: Either in-person or online, Covid-Dependent

The past two years of change and uncertainty have given us a new appreciation for the prefix “re” – from our early 2020 Forum planning when we had to reorient and recalculate to go virtual, to ideas about restarting in-person events and then reverting back to online. There has also been some great energy around what does it look like to rebuild differently? How do we reignite community in good ways? And what does it mean to use these opportunities to recentre on the things that matter? One thing we know for sure is that we can’t do any of the reorienting or reverting alone and none of the bigger questions are going to be answered by siloed individuals or organizations. We need each other.
So let’s have a REUNION!
Let’s come back together – hopefully in-person! – after too long apart – to worship and learn with each other. Plenary speaker, Ken Shigamatsu, will share from his experience how the gospel can redeem our desires and reorder our lives.
There is space at our REUNION  to ask the big questions, support one another in the tough decisions, and centre ourselves on what unites us – our shared faith.



** COVID Contingencies: We will maintain the dates of our event and will follow all necessary COVID precautions including requiring proof of vaccination status to join the event and moving our event online if necessary, to ensure health, safety and inclusion while maintaining the spirit of reunion and gathering.