Canadian Christian Relief & Development Association
"The level of complexity involved in development makes CCRDA an essential forum
for its members to discern and learn together what works best
in diverse and often unpredictable contexts."

 World Renew


CCRDA members receive:

  • Opportuntiy to attend CCRDA’s Annual Forum and Workshops, East and West, with reduced registration fees
  • The opportunity to shape joint responses to changing policies or current issues
  • Distribution rights to CCRDA development education materials
  • CCRDA monthly Member Updates and quarterly Newsletters
  • Contact information on CCRDA's website and access to the CCRDA mailing list
  • Upcoming:  A "Members Only" section on our website is being developed - more resources available for you
  • Upcoming:  the hiring of a CCRDA PR Officer who will represent CCRDA members in Ottawa and in the media

Membership is available to Canadian Christian organizations involved in relief, development, and/or justice who are committed to integrated, transformational development. An agency must have three years experience as a registered charity and adhere to our Faith position listed here