Canadian Christian Relief & Development Association

"As CCRDA members share expertise, experience and experiments,
we are able to grow stronger programs and encourage  better interventions with communities."

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FEES To achieve our goal of strengthening the Christian voice on relief, development, and justice issues, we need the continued financial involvement of committed member organizations and individuals.

Member fees support an Executive Director, Coordinator and administrative costs, and subsidize member-wide projects. To help provide the financial means for the CCRDA, its members pay an annual membership fee. This CCRDA membership fee is based on a sliding scale that adjusts to members’ revenues.




 Revenue  Fee
 Under $500,000  $ 120
 $500,000 - $1 million  $ 300
 $1 - $3 million  $ 600
 $3 - $5 million  $1,200
 $5 - $9 million  $1,800
 $9 million or greater  $2,400

If you would like to be contacted by a CCRDA Board Member to discuss membership, please complete the Membership Application.