Canadian Christian Relief & Development Association
CCRDA supports the Micah Challenge, a truly global Christian campaign. The Micah Challenge aims to deepen our engagement with the poor and challenge leaders to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, and so halve absolute global poverty by 2015!

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) and the Micah Network are facilitating this global campaign to mobilize Christians against poverty.

The campaign aims to deepen Christian engagement with the poor and to influence leaders of rich and poor nations to fulfill their public promise to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, and so halve absolute global poverty by 2015.

All 191 members states of the United Nations promised to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. The Goals include measurable, time-bound targets addressing poverty and hunger, education, maternal and child health, the prevalence of diseases including HIV/AIDS, gender equality, the environment, debt, trade justice and aid.

The goals are achievable, but not by 'business as usual'. Informing and involving civil society is critical to ensuring that governments keep these promises.

The measures of success for the campaign will be policy change and participation by Christians in the campaign. Progress towards the achievement of the MDGs is being carefully benchmarked and tracked by the United Nations Development Program, while the contributions made by Christians will be indicated by a register of churches, organizations and individuals who have signed the Micah Call and participated in advocacy activities. The campaign will also raise awareness of, and track improvements in, direct contributions by Christian organizations towards achievement of the MDGs.

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