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The Power of Simple Lifestyle Changes

By Stan Wiens, The Health Project

My 20 year health journey has taught me that habit formation is the bridge between knowing about being healthy and doing something about it. This tip will help you take immediate action to implement one simple step toward greater health.

If you’ve been eating a lot of junk food, fast food, packaged food and refined “food like” product for years, your body is basically built out of junk food.  A body like this has a difficult time fighting even the common cold.

Many researchers are now estimating that 70-80% of all illness, is directly linked to your lifestyle choices, not genetics. Your genetics may load the gun, but often, it is your lifestyle choices that pulls the trigger. Choosing healthy habits can significantly improve your health!  

Let me introduce you to the simple and powerful concept I call the 63 Day Method. For new habits to be formed, you need time. 63 days, which is 9 weeks, gives you time to engrain one new habit into your life.

When I coach people, I help them zero in on where would be a good place to start. The purpose is not to see how many habits you can implement today, but rather, how many habits you can adopt for a lifetime. By adopting one new habit every 63 days, you can easily incorporate several transformational habits into your life in the short span of one year.  

Here is how you can start making simple changes today.
On my website, there are 10 transformational habits that are foundational. Read through each of them and select one action you would like to take. Once you make it a lifestyle pattern then you can begin to build on what you have started.

Habits are the key to permanent lifestyle changes. Here are 4 steps you could start doing today:

Step 1 - Choose your habit and pick a start date. 
For example: I will walk for 10 minutes every day for 63 days starting on Monday.

Step 2 - Connect your new habit to something you already do.
When I start the coffee pot in the morning, I will head out for my walk and then enjoy my coffee when I get back.

Step 3 - Plan ahead for habit killing activities.
I will put my jacket and shoes, appropriate for any Canadian weather occurrence, beside the door and a note on the coffee pot the night before to remind me in the morning.

Step 4 – Find a friend to walk this journey with you.
When I am enjoying my cup of coffee, I will text my friend, who is also joining me in this journey, that I have completed my walk.

The goal is not perfection. The goal is to eat reasonably well and to be active.

Check out my video about Resilient Strength here

If you would like to learn about the six keys to a healthy lifestyle, develop your personalized plan and begin this new journey, let me guide you as your coach. If you are a CCRDA member, you will receive one free 15 minute introductory phone call and $50 off my regular coaching fee. You can reach me at

Stan Wiens
Helping you take control of your health

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