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CCRDA Preferred Partner Expert Tips
November 29, 2020
By Tracey DeGraaf, Transformis Development Consultants The forced lock-down combined with the need to continue programs that are critical for millions of people has tested our investments.  Those investments proved to be what enabled many of us to continue in service, and what is enabling us to offer the greatest service of our lifetime.  The time we took to invest in local leadership, team building, equitable capacity building, and developing programs filled with best practice has enabled us to determine our resolve; or, conversely, a

CCRDA Preferred Partner Network

We are excited to be launching the CCRDA Preferred Partner Network with a group of highly skilled consultants that we are happy to recommend to CCRDA members.

With this network, CCRDA Member Organizations will have special access to pre-vetted professionals for relevant services at accessible rates, as well as an extended professional community gathered around a shared vision. Our vetting process is thorough and you can be sure to get quality, value, and most importantly missional alignment when working with a CCRDA Preferred Partner.

We have started with a small pilot group of consultants that are familiar with the CCRDA (and familiar to many of you!) and look forward to adding more professionals soon.


Dave Blundell, Fullwell Leadership

Helping Non-Profits have a Bigger Impact

Every non-profit leader wants to have the biggest possible impact in this world. The problem is we are always so busy running programs and trying to get those programs funded that we don’t have the time to build a strong organizational foundation and leadership team that results in the kind of impact we want to have. Fullwell Leadership helps charity leaders with the building blocks to strong organizational leadership.

Areas of focus for Fullwell are: Board Leadership and Engagement, Vision Mission Value and Strategic Planning, Human Resources and Team Culture, Leading Through Conflict, Short-Term Missions Leadership, Developing International Leaders, Individual or Team Leadership Coaching, Advancement and Development, and Managing International Relief and Development Activities. As the social enterprise of Hungry For Life International, the funds that are generated by serving leaders and organizations in developed nations provide the funds to help develop leaders around the world.

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Chris Bosch, Chisel Consulting

Clarity and Focus Now

Chris enjoys helping organizations increase their clarity and focus.  As a former people leader in a large relief and development organization, he knows the importance of clarity and focus for staff, leaders, and the board.  This is why he has developed a strategic planning approach specifically designed for nonprofit organizations.  In addition to his strategic planning services, he regularly facilitates custom learning sessions on topics such as leading through change, transforming conflict, team leadership, strategic mindset, and service and operational excellence.  If you're looking for strategic planning services, teaching, and problem evaluation, Chris would love to help.

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Tracey DeGraaf, Transformis Development Consultants

Know Your Impact

As an action-oriented person, Tracey found her sweet spot in mastering results-based performance strategies.  Over 20 years of working with humanitarian response teams has taught her that cycles of evaluation, learning and refinement offers us an incredible opportunity to leverage our resources for optimal impact.  Investment in evaluation and the development of program performance is critical for any organization that is serious about breaking cycles of poverty, and truly working for the people that they serve.

Transformis Development Consultants offers services related to Evaluation, Results-Based Management, and Program Performance.  If you’re serious about making an impact, call Tracey to explore the options for partnering on the journey.


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Philip Tanner, EPIC Consultancy Ltd.

Empowering People for Improvement and Change

EPIC Consultancy Ltd. is a global consulting firm that can respond to your needs in Canada or worldwide. Whether it is increasing influence and visibility in the sector or diversifying your income growth through restricted grants or assisting project design and implementation, we can guide your teams with expertise and efficiency.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, many development organizations are seeking opportunities to position themselves as we emerge from this emergency.  Developing leadership, exploring new partnerships, new business & grants opportunities and shifting organizational culture, are all factors in achieving excellence post-Pandemic.  EPIC Consultancy Ltd. has provided leadership to organizations seeking to fill interim senior positions (under 6 months) and, we have developed robust grant acquisition and compliance strategies for our clients. We can support project implementation in-country or at the home office, where gaps are identified and, steer projects to successful closure. If you need someone with the skills and emotional intelligence to help navigate your grants strategy or other leadership needs during these turbulent times, look no further than EPIC.


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