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CCRDA Preferred Partner Expert Tips
January 27, 2022
By Mike Duerksen, BuildGood If your mission statement isn’t actually giving people a mission, it’s time to replace it with a clear and compelling short story.  Here’s a fun exercise. Ask 10 different people in your organization to see if they can recall your actual mission statement. How many of them got it right?  Chances are, few of them got close. If they did, you’re doing something right, my friend—and you can probably stop reading right here.  But if you got 10 different answers from 10 different people, or if you

CCRDA Preferred Partner Network

We are excited to be launching the CCRDA Preferred Partner Network with a group of highly skilled consultants that we are happy to recommend to CCRDA members.

With this network, CCRDA Member Organizations will have special access to pre-vetted professionals for relevant services at accessible rates, as well as an extended professional community gathered around a shared vision. Our vetting process is thorough and you can be sure to get quality, value, and most importantly missional alignment when working with a CCRDA Preferred Partner.


Dave Blundell, Fullwell Leadership

Helping Non-Profits have a Bigger Impact

Every non-profit leader wants to have the biggest possible impact in this world. The problem is we are always so busy running programs and trying to get those programs funded that we don’t have the time to build a strong organizational foundation and leadership team that results in the kind of impact we want to have. Fullwell Leadership helps charity leaders with the building blocks to strong organizational leadership.

Areas of focus for Fullwell are: Board Leadership and Engagement, Vision Mission Value and Strategic Planning, Human Resources and Team Culture, Leading Through Conflict, Short-Term Missions Leadership, Developing International Leaders, Individual or Team Leadership Coaching, Advancement and Development, and Managing International Relief and Development Activities. As the social enterprise of Hungry For Life International, the funds that are generated by serving leaders and organizations in developed nations provide the funds to help develop leaders around the world.

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Paul Bettings, Paul Bettings Photography/Groundlines Media

Let's Work Together to Tell Your Story

As a photographer Paul has been capturing social, cultural and geo-political issues through his camera for over 15 years. Throughout his career work has taken him around the globe and allowed him to photograph for many organizations and news wires with photos being used in national campaigns, marketing outputs, newspapers, magazines, billboards and more. His commitment to the visual arts of photography and video storytelling is based on a philosophy of relational and intimate storytelling, with honesty and sensitivity.

Working in tandem with his photography work is Groundlines Media, a creative agency with a focus on providing creative support to companies and organizations. With a broad spectrum of clients, they have overseen annual reports, websites, content management systems, video and video production, television commercials, radio spots, and web management strategies.

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Chris Bosch, Chisel Consulting

Clarity and Focus Now

Chris enjoys helping organizations increase their clarity and focus.  As a former people leader in a large relief and development organization, he knows the importance of clarity and focus for staff, leaders, and the board.  This is why he has developed a strategic planning approach specifically designed for nonprofit organizations. 

In addition to his strategic planning services, he regularly facilitates custom learning sessions on topics such as leading through change, transforming conflict, team leadership, strategic mindset, and service and operational excellence.  If you're looking for strategic planning services, teaching, and problem evaluation, Chris would love to help.

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Antoinette Burrell, Burrell Creative

Designing Captivating Reports that Inspire Action

Burrell Creative is a boutique presentation design company, serving businesses of all sizes. Sharing professionally designed documentation is important to your reputation. We design customized presentations to help you make a connection with your target audience. 

We lighten your workload by creating your promotional materials, so you can focus on running your organization. No more struggling to find the right images, text and layout. Let us create anything from captivating slide presentations to reader-friendly reports, info packages and training documentation.  Give us the text and we’ll do the rest! Visit our Gallery to view design samples.

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Mike Duerksen, BuildGood

Helping you Raise More Money so you can do More Good

Using direct response and digital marketing, we work with non-profit organizations to improve donor retention and build long-term donor value. Although we are based in Winnipeg, we work with organizations all across Canada. We come alongside your in-house team to create emotionally compelling fundraising communications that delight your donors and raise more money. That way you'll spend less time worrying about your donor communications and more time changing the world. 

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Jennifer Hill, Jennifer Hill Consulting

Providing Meaningful HR Support to Meaningful Organizations

Managing people effectively can be challenging at times and sometimes a set of fresh eyes is beneficial. In consultation with you, I can create HR practices and policies that will keep your staff motivated, committed and productive. I offer virtual or in-person HR support that will align with your unique human resources needs. 

I am a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) and a member in good standing of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA), Canada’s largest HR regulatory body. I carry Professional Liability Insurance and all of my services are carried out in accordance with the Registered Human Resources Professionals Act, 2013. 

My expertise includes these areas: compliance, health, wellness and safe workplace, organizational effectiveness, equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives, workforce planning and talent management, employee relations, total rewards and compensation reviews, learning and development.

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Jonathan Horlings, Goodmanrobot

Affordable Salesforce Solutions for Non-Profits

More than ever, technology and data play a pivotal role for nonprofits – helping to create excellent donor experiences – and to measure and deliver kingdom impact. Salesforce is quickly emerging as a world-leading tool in Nonprofit Relationship Management, providing solutions for fundraising, program management and more. 

Jonathan is an independent, certified Salesforce developer and consultant with a proven track record helping organizations get started and grow their impact using the Salesforce platform (at a price charities can afford). 
If you’re looking for a new CRM, and are considering Salesforce, please reach out to us! Conversations are free. 

And if you’re already using Salesforce and want to get more out of it – please reach out to us as well. We’re always looking for new opportunities to volunteer.

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Kevin McKay, GreenCastle Labs

Made to Flourish

GreenCastle Labs helps charities and businesses develop economic engines and clarify their social and organizational impact making it both sustainable and resilient.

Our approach shifts the leadership conversation from traditional strategic planning to engaging in new organizational models and marketplace approaches including social impact, that deliver holistic program transformation.

Specifically, we focus on; prototyping income generating activities such as new product/service offerings or identifying and building foundational revenue process opportunities; clarifying mission and theory of change to better define measurable impact objectives; and conducting incubator/accelerator-like workshops.


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Minerva Saddler Gray & Wayne Gray, Kuinua Consulting

Reimagine your Success

Since 2005, Minerva Saddler Gray has provided grant writing and business development expertise to national and international organizations across multiple sectors. She has worked in Atlanta, Toronto, South America, Latin America & the Caribbean, and on the continent of Africa. She is known best as a grant writer; however, she has designed fund development and capacity-building strategies, multi-sectoral partnership engagement plans, business development frameworks, and conducted operational reviews, for not-for-profits, NGOs, and corporate entities.

Wayne Gray loves working in partnership with clients where he get the chance to dig deep and find strategic solutions that work for them and their goals. He leverages his 20+ years of experience, acquired in Canada and the United States, to provide clients with the resource building tools to improve efficiency and elevate various dimensions of their organizations.

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Denis St-Amour, Consultant

Development & Growth, Transformation & Change

Denis St-Amour is currently President of an independent Consulting organization providing "Strategic Advisory Consulting Services" to CEO's & Boards & Senior Management, specializing in Business Solutions and Excellence in Operations & Board Governance, Strategic Visioning, Team building & meeting Facilitation, Nationally & Internationally, in both the Business & INGO communities, in small (Entrepreneurial), Medium & Large organizations.

Consistent with his Business Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership development background, Denis' passion is helping people realize and experience how well we have been equipped to stretch & grow, making a positive difference in their organizations, the lives of others & the World we live in. “Ours is and should be to give back, the stronger we help others to be, the stronger we are for it". 

Learn more about Denis' consulting services here and bio here

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Elaine Stavnitzky, Organizational & Program Quality Specialist

Transforming Knowledge into Action

Struggling to tell the story of the transformational impact your organization has through its God-given mission? Elaine facilitates organizations of all sizes to clarify their Theory of Change and develop monitoring, evaluation, and reporting systems that leverage the opportunities found in their existing resources. Since 2002, she has been leading and implementing a wide range of complex strategic, programmatic and quality assurance processes to support leadership, staff, communities and children in international development and humanitarian aid programs. Her expertise covers on-going learning and improvement in 30 countries across 15 sectors, including education, health and nutrition, economic development, water, sanitation and hygiene, gender equality, inclusion and youth. 

She provides a versatile suite of expertise with specific focus in: strategic and programmatic Theory of Change; developing or strengthening monitoring, evaluation and knowledge management systems for organizational learning and change and generating evidence of impact; and related capacity building and training both in person and virtually.

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Philip Tanner, EPIC Consultancy Ltd.

Empowering People for Improvement and Change

EPIC Consultancy Ltd. is a global consulting firm that can respond to your needs in Canada or worldwide. Whether it is increasing influence and visibility in the sector or diversifying your income growth through restricted grants or assisting project design and implementation, we can guide your teams with expertise and efficiency. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many development organizations are seeking opportunities to position themselves as we emerge from this emergency.  Developing leadership, exploring new partnerships, new business & grants opportunities and shifting organizational culture, are all factors in achieving excellence post-Pandemic.  EPIC Consultancy Ltd. has provided leadership to organizations seeking to fill interim senior positions (under 6 months) and, we have developed robust grant acquisition and compliance strategies for our clients. We can support project implementation in-country or at the home office, where gaps are identified and, steer projects to successful closure. If you need someone with the skills and emotional intelligence to help navigate your grants strategy or other leadership needs during these turbulent times, look no further than EPIC.


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Ed Wilson, Long Run Consulting

Helping Organizations Sustain their Impact over the Long Run

Long Run Consulting was established in the belief that, like long distance runners, nonprofit organizations that wish to sustain their impact over the long run must pay attention to their form, build internal strength, and prepare to endure the pain and discomfort of change.

Ed Wilson, principal consultant with Long Run, regards nonprofit boards as the principal stewards of the organization’s enduring leadership, and works with boards and executive leadership to build strong, respectful and collaborative partnerships. As an astute strategic thinker, he helps organizations develop and maintain the programmatic and operational focus needed to assess emerging opportunities and challenges, and thrive through seasons of change. Ed provides training and coaching to boards and executive leaders across Canada in the areas of governance, strategic planning and leadership development, and facilitates peer-to-peer support and mentoring groups for charity executives.  

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