Canadian Christian Relief & Development Association

GAC International Assistance Review 

Read CCRDA's Final Submission to the GAC's International Assistance Review HERE.  We would like to thank all our members who were able to participate in sharing valuable insights, practices and ideas contributing towards this compilation to help Canada strengthen its international assistance policy. 

The aim was to rethink Canada’s international assistance policies and programs so we can respond better to the challenges and opportunities of the new global context. The consultations will assist in making our approach, investments and partnerships more innovative and effective.

CCRDA invited it's members to participate in 3 ways:

1. Round-table discussion among our members June 23 at Christian Children's Fund of Canada

2.  Go to the GAC website and submit your own feedback through the GAC form provided on their website. GAC also offers live webcasts.  

3.  CCRDA modified feedback form.  Click here to access our form and submit to CCRDA for a compilation from our members in which we will submit back to GAC as one voice.


CCRDA produces a quarterly newsletter, where members keep each other informed, share knowledge, and learn from others' best practices. Through collaboration, we can maximize the impact of our efforts in relief, development, and justice activities. If you would like to suggest a theme for a future issue or have an idea about an addition to the newsletter, please let CCRDA know. We welcome your feedback! Members are invited to send general news and announcements to include in the newsletter.

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